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Published articles relating to the work of the Lebanese Orthodox Monk Elia and the Church of Antioch.
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August 2013.

Antioch's Golden Hoard: The Chalcedonian Orthodox Manuscript Treasury

Monk Elia Khalifeh on his international search for the widely-scattered Antiochian patrimony: Orthodox documents and manuscripts from the patriarchate where "the disciples were first called Christians" . Interviewed by Road to Emmaus (6:3, 2005).

RtE: Father Elia, please describe your work at Oxford for us.

Monk Elia: I am attempting to locate Antiochian Orthodox Chalcedonian manuscripts and documents that have been acquired by libraries and museums throughout the world, mostly in Europe. These manuscripts can be anything from an entire codex to a small fragment. So far, I have collected information from more than 30,000 manuscripts that originated in the Patriarchate of Antioch, along with any relevant material from the Patriarchates of Jerusalem and Alexandria, including Sinai; in Syriac, Christian Palestinian Aramaic (CPA) and Arabic.

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